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Director of Technology Empowering Administrative Decision

Director of Technology – In the dynamic realm of governmental restructuring, the appointment of key personnel holds paramount importance. Here, we delve into the administrative decision, Decisión Administrativa 32/2024, which designates the Director of Technology within the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS.

Understanding the Administrative Decision

The Decisión Administrativa 32/2024, DA-2024-32-APN-JGM, stands as a pivotal directive within the bureaucratic framework. Let’s dissect the intricacies of this decision and its implications.

Legal Context and Considerations – Director of Technology

Amidst a backdrop of legislative and regulatory frameworks, the decision draws upon various decrees and administrative resolutions. Understanding these legal foundations is crucial in comprehending the rationale behind the appointment.

Legislative Basis

The decision aligns with the provisions set forth by Law No. 27.701, along with pertinent decrees and modifications. Notably, Decree No. 88/23 heralds significant changes effective from January 1, 2024, regarding the National Administration Budget.

Rationale for Appointment

The need for strategic personnel appointments within governmental entities is highlighted by the decision. It addresses the transient vacancy in the role of Director of Technology within the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS.

Administrative Measures

By invoking constitutional mandates and specific decree provisions, the decision underscores the authority vested in the Jefe de Gabinete de Ministros.

Appointment Details

Let’s delve into the specifics of the appointment outlined in the administrative decision.

Article 1:

Diego Alejandro López assumes the role of Director of Technology on a temporary basis, effective December 29, 2023, for a period of 180 business days.

Article 2:

The subsequent steps for filling the vacancy are outlined, adhering to existing selection protocols.


Article 3:

Financial provisions for implementing the decision are detailed, emphasizing fiscal responsibility.

Article 4:

Procedural directives regarding communication, publication, and archiving are delineated, ensuring transparency and accountability.


The administrative decision encapsulated in Decisión Administrativa 32/2024 underscores the meticulous process involved in personnel appointments within governmental structures. It reflects a commitment to efficiency, legality, and strategic resource allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the significance of Decisión Administrativa 32/2024?

Decisión Administrativa 32/2024 delineates the appointment protocols for key personnel within the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS, reflecting strategic administrative measures.

How long does Diego Alejandro López serve as Director of Technology?

Diego Alejandro López serves in the capacity of Director of Technology on a temporary basis for 180 business days, commencing from December 29, 2023.

What legal frameworks inform the administrative decision?

The decision draws upon various legislative enactments, including Law No. 27.701 and pertinent decrees, to establish a robust legal foundation for the appointment process.

What are the financial implications of the appointment?

The decision delineates provisions for meeting the financial requirements associated with the appointment, ensuring fiscal prudence and accountability.

How does Decisión Administrativa 32/2024 contribute to organizational efficacy?

By streamlining personnel appointments and adhering to established protocols, the decision contributes to the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS.

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