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Presidential Appointment: Damian Cristian Campoamor Takes Charge

In a significant move within the legal and technical framework of Argentina, President MILEI, Nicolas Posse, has issued Decree 42/2024, marking the appointment of Damian Cristian Campoamor as the Administrative Accounting and Coordination Director. Let’s delve into the details and implications of this decree.

Background and Legal Context

The decree, referencing the dossier EX-2023-152676331-APN-DRRHHYO#SLYT and the Law 27.701, builds upon prior decrees such as 78/00, 2098/08, 355/17, 50/19, and 88/23. It aligns with the provisions of the Budget Law 27.701 and the Financial Administration Law 24.156, emphasizing the adherence to administrative and financial regulations.

Administrative Restructuring

Decree 88/23 set the stage for the implementation of the Budget Law from January 1, 2024. Furthermore, Decree 355/17 empowers the President to make temporary appointments in permanent and non-classified positions within the National Administration, specifically those under the Presidency.

Organizational Framework

The organizational structure of the National Administration, detailed in Decrees 50/19 and 78/00, and modified by Resolution 61/23 of the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency, serves as the basis for the changes. These alterations aim to enhance the efficiency and functionality of the Secretariat.

Vacancy and Appointment

Recognizing the need to temporarily fill the vacant and budgeted position of Administrative Accounting and Coordination Director at the National Official Registry, the decree emphasizes that this appointment doesn’t constitute an allocation of extraordinary resources.


Legal Oversight –Damian Cristian Campoamor

The General Directorate of Legal Affairs, under the Technical Secretariat of the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency, played a crucial role in reviewing and approving the legal aspects of this appointment.

Presidential Decree

Acting within the powers conferred by the Constitution and Decree 355/17, President MILEI issues the decree, officially appointing Damian Cristian Campoamor to the position.

Key Provisions of the Decree

  1. Temporary Appointment: Damian Cristian Campoamor, holding ID number 30.467.911, assumes the role of Administrative Accounting and Coordination Director for a temporary period of one hundred and eighty (180) business days.
  2. Remuneration: The decree authorizes the payment of the Executive Function Supplement Level III, as per the Sectorial Employment Collective Agreement.
  3. Future Appointment Process: The decree outlines the need to follow existing selection procedures within one hundred and eighty (180) business days to permanently fill the mentioned position.
  4. Financial Allocation: The costs associated with this decree will be covered from specific allocations within Jurisdiction 20 – 02 – Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency.


With this decree, President MILEI has strategically addressed the interim staffing needs while ensuring compliance with legal and administrative regulations. Damian Cristian Campoamor steps into a crucial role, contributing to the effective functioning of the National Official Registry under the Technical Secretariat of the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency. The appointment stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to streamlined processes and adherence to established frameworks.

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