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Argentina Announces Tourist-Focused Public Holidays for 2024

Argentina Announces Tourist-Focused Public Holidays for 2024 – Decree 106/2023

City of Buenos Aires, 28/12/2023

In a move aimed at boosting the nation’s tourism sector, Argentina unveils a set of strategically placed public holidays for the year 2024, providing travelers with enhanced opportunities to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures the country has to offer. Let’s delve into the details of Decree 106/2023 and the exciting possibilities it brings.

Understanding the Legal Framework

The decree, officially labeled DECTO-2023-106-APN-PTE, draws its authority from the extensive consideration of the Expediente N° EX-2023-150581745-APN-DGDYL#MI, as well as the pertinent laws, including Ley de Ministerios N° 22.520 and Ley N° 27.399.

Facilitating Travel: The Legal Perspective

The pivotal Ley N° 27.399 outlines the framework for national holidays and non-working days. Notably, Article 6 of this law dictates that national holidays falling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are to be moved to the preceding Monday, while those falling on Thursdays and Fridays are rescheduled to the following Monday.

Furthermore, the law empowers the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER to annually designate up to THREE (3) holidays or non-working days to stimulate tourism. These days are strategically set on Mondays or Fridays to create long weekends, encouraging citizens to explore the beauty of Argentina.

Nurturing Domestic Tourism: A Government Initiative

This authority granted to the executive power reflects a deliberate strategy to bolster domestic tourism within the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. The goal is not only to promote travel but also to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism seasonality, fostering a more even distribution of visitors throughout the year.


Presidential Decree: Tourism-Focused Holidays for 2024

In alignment with this vision, the PRESIDENT OF THE ARGENTINE NATION issues Decree 106/2023. This decree specifies the tourist-oriented public holidays for the year 2024, as outlined in Article 7 of Ley N° 27.399.

Tourist-Oriented Holidays for 2024:

  1. April 1st
  2. June 21st
  3. October 11th

Implementation and Communication

The decree will become effective from the day following its publication in the OFFICIAL GAZETTE, opening up new avenues for travel enthusiasts to plan their adventures. As the government takes this step, it emphasizes the importance of communication and transparency, as evidenced by the directive to publish and communicate the decree widely.

Upholding Legal Mandates

This decision aligns with the mandates of Ley de Ministerios N° 22.520, designating the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR to oversee patriotic events, commemorations, and holidays. Legal advice has been sought throughout the process, ensuring that the decree complies with constitutional and legal provisions.


In conclusion, Argentina’s proactive approach to strategically designating tourist-focused holidays demonstrates a commitment to nurturing the country’s tourism sector. As travelers look forward to unlocking new adventures in 2024, these thoughtfully placed holidays create enticing opportunities to explore the rich tapestry of Argentina’s landscapes and cultures.


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