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Argentina Appoints Roberto Alejandro SALAFIA as President of Uruguay River Administration Delegation

In a recent decree issued by the Argentine government, Roberto Alejandro SALAFIA has been appointed as the new President of the Delegation representing Argentina in the Uruguay River Administration Commission. The decision comes following the resignation of José Eduardo LAURITTO from the position.


The Uruguay River, shared between Argentina and Uruguay, holds significant importance for both countries. Governed by the Uruguay River Administration Commission, established through the approval of the Uruguay River Statute, this body oversees the management and regulation of activities along the river.

Appointment of Roberto Alejandro SALAFIA

With the resignation of José Eduardo LAURITTO from the role of President of the Argentine Delegation, Roberto Alejandro SALAFIA steps in to fill this crucial position. SALAFIA, currently serving as an Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador, brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in diplomatic affairs.

Legal Basis

The decision to appoint SALAFIA is grounded in the constitutional authority vested in the President of Argentina. This move aligns with the provisions outlined in Article 99, Clause 7, of the Argentine Constitution, granting the President the power to make such appointments.



SALAFIA’s appointment marks a significant development in Argentina’s representation within the Uruguay River Administration Commission. His diplomatic acumen and strategic approach are expected to contribute positively to the ongoing efforts aimed at fostering cooperation and effective management of the Uruguay River.


As Argentina navigates its responsibilities within the Uruguay River Administration Commission, the appointment of Roberto Alejandro SALAFIA underscores the country’s commitment to upholding its interests while fostering collaborative relationships with neighboring Uruguay. With SALAFIA at the helm, Argentina looks forward to continued engagement and cooperation in the management of this vital transboundary resource.

This decree, signaling a change in leadership within the Argentine Delegation, sets the stage for renewed efforts towards the sustainable development and equitable utilization of the Uruguay River’s resources for the benefit of both nations.

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